Exploring the Wonders of Australia

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The Sydney Opera HouseIf you believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder, you’ve every reason to travel to Australia. This continent has the best to offer in terms of sites, climate and entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of the islands or its unique flora and fauna, Australia is a wonderful destination for travelers of all kinds. For the daredevils, Australia is the perfect choice and would please the adventurers beyond their expectations. While you’re there, you’d be overwhelmed to experience the plenty of choices and it would become a challenge to pick and choose the best. Here are some of the best experiences of the country!

1. The Breathtaking Blue Mountains
Sydney is a fascinating city because of the wondrous sites and the exciting nightlife. Although there is plenty to see and do, you shouldn’t miss out the Blue Mountains. The tall forests and wondrous waterfalls are a delight to experience. There are plenty of ways to make this experience worth remembering. If you fancy, walking and driving would work out the best. The Katoomba Heritage Walk and The Three Sisters are some of the finest attractions in the Blue Mountains.

2. The Great Ocean Road
Australia is surely famous for its grand coastal line, but the area marked as the Great Ocean Road is the most scenic of these. For a world class surfing, this serves to be one of the most ideal destinations. The most magical experiences among these are the sands of Lorne and Twelve Apostles. Tourists also love the wonderful nature it is surrounded by. The amazing wildlife and walking trails makes it a great place to be.

3. The Cave of Wonders
You must have experienced a sky full of starts plenty of times. It would be truly wondrous to experience a sky full of worms, resembling like a starry night! Australia’s Cave of Wonders is one of the most spectacular experiences of the country. The TeAnau Glowworm Caves are stunning and mysterious, and it is a unique sight to see it shimmering through countless glowworms. These caves are carved out by the river and the display is truly marvelous!

4. Island Trips
The heavenly islands of Australia are a delightful sight for the tourists. The Rottnest Island is one of the best of these. It is only a short ferry ride from the popular Perth. If you are a beach lover, you would be amazed to see how wonderful its beaches are. For an adventurous snorkeling experience, head to the magical Lord Howe Island. The Cockatoo Island is another fine destination to be if you want to experience the stunning islands of Australia.

5. The Sydney Opera House
Sydney is home to many iconic sites but nothing compares to the Sydney Opera House. Whether you consider it as a source of entertainment or an architectural wonder; exploring it is a must when you plan to visit Sydney. Apart from the guided tours, there are plenty of events going on at the Opera House.

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