Top 6 Best Things To Do In Pattaya Thailand

Posted on February 28, 2016 By

Pattaya ThailandPattaya, Thailand is very different from Bangkok, but lies just 2 hours southeast of the capital. Pattaya is much more laid back and is a beach city, but is in no way lacking when it comes to liveliness, nightlife and things to see and do. What to do in Pattaya is an interesting question in itself depending on whom you are and what you’re ready to see. Not for the weak hearted or the ultra conservative for starters.

1) Muay Thai Boxing: The first thing I recommend doing when in Pattaya is checking out a Muay Thai boxing match. They take place on a weekly if not daily basis. This is one of the most popular if not the most popular sport in all of Thailand. You can ask around or get information from the hotel you are staying at and they can tell you more about where the events are, directions on how to get there and even call you a taxi with door-to-door service there and back.

2) Hotel: I recommend if you can afford 60-80 USD per night then you should get a really nice 4 – 4 1/2 star hotel (yes hotels are that cheap there). I highly recommend a nice hotel at a great price a mile or so away from Walking Street. If in the right location you will have the best amenities, the best views, pool, concierge and everything at a great price. Trust me it will be worth it if you can afford it and especially if traveling with family, couples or children.

3) Walking Street: Check out the nightlife on Walking Street. Bangkok closes around 2:00am while Pattaya really never sleeps. There are some cool little bars and all types of nightlife all over Pattaya that may be more laid back and more your taste like they were mine, but you have to at least once (because once is all you need) check out Walking Street. This is the famous street in Pattaya where you will see people from all walks of life, tourists from all over the world, clubs, local Thais breakdancing in the street, local drinks, street vendors and yes, just like I’m sure you’ve heard, Thai go-go bars with hundreds of girls up and down all of Walking street. However, as you could imagine, this isn’t the place for everyone, but if you’re single, with friends or even with your significant other it is cool to walk around and see the excitement of Pattaya, Walking Street.

4) Art in Paradise: This is especially great for children. This museum is filled with cool art and optical illusions. This can really be enjoyed by any person of any age, but this is something I would highly recommend as a must for the children.

5) Floating Market: If you don’t have a chance to check out one of the famous floating markets in Bangkok then you still have an opportunity in Pattaya. You will need to take a taxi so just ask your hotel and they can surely guide you.

6) Islands & Beach: Last, but not least you can take a day trip to some of the islands that surround Pattaya. There are many activities that can be included in a day trip, such as visiting several islands, power sailing, shopping and eating. This also gives you a chance to check out the beaches in Pattaya.

Hopefully this will give you a better idea of some of the best things to do in Pattaya if you’re visiting for the first time!

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