5 Great Things to Do in Prague

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PraguePrague is a popular destination with tourists in view of its nightlife, compact size, and fairy tale type castles. Capital of the Czech Republic, this is one of the most travelled capitals in Europe with something to see or do for everyone. Here are five of the top rated things to do in Prague:

Astronomical Clock

The medieval astronomical clock in Prague dates back to the 15th century and one of the one visited attractions in the city. This intricate and beautiful clock is attached to the Old Town Hall Tower and the oldest fully functioning clock of its type. It gives the opportunity to watch the procession of the Twelve Apostles, which takes place once per hour. Plus, the clock also comes with 12 medallions with each representing one of the zodiac signs.


Josefov is rich in history and a small part of Prague referred to as the Jewish quarter. This is a great spot to explore for those interested in the history of the city which dates back to the 10th century. Some of the popular attractions to visit include the synagogue and the old Jewish cemetery. Plus, it is the birthplace of Franz Kafka, who was born in 1883 and a major fiction writer of his time.

Charles Bridge

The beautiful Charles Bridge has grown as a popular tourist attraction and was once the only means to cross the River Vlatvain in Prague. It not only gives an easy walkway to the Old Town, but also has the ability to provide some spectacular views of the local surroundings. Plus, there are a number of entertainers along the length of the bridge, including dancers, musicians, and street artists. A preferred time to visit is early in the day or later at night to avoid a lot of the congestion.

Kampa Island

A visit to Kampa Island makes it possible to explore one of the most romantic places in the city. Kampa Island is situated on the banks of the Vltava River and is easy to walk to from Charles Bridge. This is a relaxing place to explore and makes it possible to spend several hours in the middle of a green oasis which lets you get away from the more built up Prague attractions.

Inspiring architecture

Prague is rich in architecture that spans several eras including the gothic inspired structures at the Old Town Hall while Roman architecture is possible to view in Prague Castle at St George’s Basilica. Other styles are noticed within the city limits such as art nouveau to fully appreciate some distinctive buildings and features.


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